⚠️  Status update: Peggy’s home care services: Operational. | Day care: Open (as of Jan 2021). | Respite and acommodation: Closed.

About Us.

Peggy’s model of care is a supportive holistic provision of care to meet your needs in a flexible manner, putting you in control of your situation and making help available when things may be more difficult for you and your family.

Recently we have been recognised as being bespoke and innovative by our CQC Inspector, and we hope to create a model which supports families as they need and want.

Our focus is on activity and cognitive stimulation to keep living well, and as best as possible, particularly in the earlier stages of dementia. At Peggy’s we use the theory and philosophy of the model of Teepa Snow Gems. Teepa is an Occupational Therapist and believes in using a person’s ability.  

What is Peggy’s World?

Peggy’s World is so named after Amanda’s and Tilly’s Nan.  Peggy was supported by her family in her older age and diagnosed with dementia 13 years before she died in 2009.  Peggy and her husband Alan were strong community people and worked in a mentally handicapped hospital (as was then) where Amanda and Tilly with their brother spent a lot of their childhood.  Amanda and Tilly’s mum, Dr Pat Frankish, is a consultant psychologist and has her own psychology business after working for many years in the NHS and is a strong supported of this innovative service provision. It is with the support of Pat that Cherry Grove became available for us to use and as landlord we are safe in our future as being able to offer this holistic model of care and support now and in the future.

We moved into 145 Cherry Grove in May 2018 and nearing completion to enable the whole package of support.  Our accommodation is now registered with CQC since July 2019 and en suite rooms are available for respite, rehabilitation for individuals and couples. There has been some challenges to being bespoke and innovative!

Our building has been extended which now includes an additional Day Care area and office space, which is designed to be wheelchair friendly.  We also have had a sun room being built to provide an area for our Tovertafel Magic Table which has been purchased from an SSE Community grant and we plan to offer sessions to external groups.

Peggy’s World is a Community Interest Company (CIC) which is a form of Social Enterprise. As a Social Enterprise our aim is to support the community we serve by returning surplus back to the community. We are always interested to hear what people need or want and include families in any developments.

We need your help so we can continue to offer and even expand our services.

About Teepa’s Gems

Teepa Snow is an American Occupational Therapist who considers people as gems – valuable and able. The challenge is for us as caregivers to recognise where a person is to be able to support them as best as possible. Every Gem can Shine in the right environment.

Our aim at Peggy’s is to support the Sapphires, Diamonds, Emeralds and moving into Amber. There will come a time that a person may need more than what we can provide at Peggy’s, such as a need for a 24 hour care environment which is less active, and we will discuss this with families and support in any transitions of care where required.


Workshops are available for professionals, other people interested in learning how to be with a person with dementia. Peggy’s staff are trained using these, and we aim to share these with the public and other professionals. Prices can be discussed with us directly.

We aim to extend this family carer support to the general public in the future when we have the resources to do so.

Normal Ageing versus Non Normal Ageing.

This workshop helps learners understand and recognise the difference in “normal” and “not normal” ageing. The workshop emphasises the value of matching helping behaviours to the person’s needs and retained abilities to promote a sense of control and self-direction, and addresses typical issues that occur throughout the progression of Dementia.

Positive Physical Approach (TM) and Hand-under-Hand (R)

This workshop focusses on Positive Approach to Care’s care partnering techniques, including Positive Physical Approach and Hand-under-Hand. These newly learned skills enable care partners to shift from simply “dealing with the behaviours” to creating a positive and caring environment.

Teepa’s GEMS (R); Using Skills that Make a Difference

The GEMS workshop offers an overview of Teepa Snow’s dementia classification model (developed from the basic structure of Allen Cognitive Disability Levels). The GEMS model compares different states of being and ability to the characteristics of precious jewels. This dignified metaphor defines normal ageing as well and the many appearances, behaviour changes, skills sets and needs of those living with the effects if neurocognitive failure (dementia) or other brain changes. They should be considered indicators and a guide toward understanding an individual’s current state of ability and brain function. Understanding them will lead to an adjustment of expectations, modification of cues and support, and more accurate communication and “hands-on” care behaviours to better meet ever-changing needs. The Gems States advocate that people living with dementia , when done with, rather than done to, and provided with the just right care and setting , can still shine.

Our aim at Peggy’s is to extend this family carer support to the general public in the future when we have the resources to do so.

Meet the team


Amanda Brock is the majority Director and has an extensive history of working in social care supporting people with Learning Disability and Mental Health.  Amanda has been a registered person with CQC for over 15 years and started her own company with her mum, Dr Pat Frankish, in 2004.  Amanda is a strong advocate for individuals who are disadvantaged and need a voice to have their needs heard.  She has a degree in Health Service Care and is a registered psychotherapist.  Amanda has the financial business sense to support this new venture.

Tilly Brock is Amanda’s sister and has many years experience working in the field of dementia care in the NHS from ward based acute care, day hospital, community mental health nurse, assessment and diagnosis and latterly as an Admiral Nurse for 10 years supporting the family carers of a person with dementia.  Tilly has a wealth of knowledge, experience and skills to share with families to improve quality of life for all.  Tilly is the driving force behind Peggy’s World and the needs of families living with complex dynamics and often co-morbidities and hopes to fill the gaps in current service provision. 

Tilly qualified as a mental health nurse in 2001 and has worked in the dementia care field all her nursing career. She is keen to develop support for those diagnosed with early onset dementia and also young onset dementia.  Also workshops (please see Teepa Snow page) in how to “be with” a person with dementia and using the educational tool provided by Teepa Snow, an American Occupational Therapist who looks at a person with dementia as a Gem, ie, valuable and useful at whatever stage a person is at.  

Tilly, during the pandemic, has made the decision to leave Peggy’s on a day to day basis and has returned to the NHS, still supporting families living with dementia.  She continues as Director and will support staff and families as she can while working full time in the NHS and hopes to continue to be available to support.  Please bear with us as we recover from the Covid 19 pandemic!


Cathy Gibbs is Peggy’s World Registered Manager responsible for the personal care service we provide and supporting staff members. Cathy has her own experience of managing a business and has worked with Amanda providing support for people with complex mental health conditions for the past 6 years.  Cathy has now completed a Level 4 Counselling Certificate and we hope to be able to offer this service in the future, particularly for early diagnosis support.  Cathy has her own horse and enjoys spending time outside and will always have her phone with her and is responsive to what clients need. Cathy has successfully achieved her first CQC inspection in January 2019, which everyone is immensely pleased with here at Peggy’s and thanks goes out to all our clients, carers and staff for supporting this.

Julie Johns is our home care Team Leader and working to develop excellence within the care we provide.  Julie can be contacted via the office.

Babs leads our Keeping Busy at Peggy’s day care and facilitates activities to keep people cognitively stimulated, and fun, as well as providing family carer support and respite.

Kalie Leather is our full time admin to support the developments in the next stage of developing accommodation in partnership with the landlord.  Kalie is currently on maternity leave.

Staff members

We have the most amazing staff and volunteers in various different roles such as day care, home care, administration and more. We continue to recruit to ensure we can offer a high level of skills and care to those who use our services.


Team Leader/Dementia Care Support Worker


Dementia Day Care Support Worker

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