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Amara Care employs an Admiral Nurse – post filled by Tilly Brock

Tilly Brock, Admiral Nurse is employed in partnership with Dementia UK to provide support to families living with dementia.

For people with dementia in receipt of any of our services, their carer(s), who may require much needed emotional support and education about how to live well with dementia, can receive support from our Admiral Nurse.

This specialist role in dementia care will also support the development of dementia care services within Amara Care and the group of companies, and also offer staff support. Tilly will also facilitate events to involve the public to share knowledge to those not in receipt of Amara Care services.

What is an Admiral Nurse?

Admiral Nurses are specialist dementia nurses who give expert practical, clinical and emotional support to families living with dementia to help them cope.

They are registered nurses, and have significant experience of working with people with dementia before becoming an Admiral Nurse.

Each Admiral Nurse service is operated as a partnership between Dementia UK and a host organisation.

Most work for the NHS in communities, helping people with dementia to stay at home for longer. They also work in other settings, including care homes, hospitals and hospices.

Admiral nurses were named by the family of Joseph Levy CBE BEM, who founded Dementia UK. Joseph had vascular dementia and was known affectionately as ‘Admiral Joe’ because of his love of sailing.

How can an Admiral Nurse help me?

If you have a diagnosis of dementia or you are a family carer of someone who does, an Admiral Nurse can:

  • provide specialist practical advice, and emotional and psychological support from diagnosis to post bereavement, helping you deal with your feelings and learn coping strategies
  • be your single point of contact, helping to join up different parts of the health and social care system and meeting your needs in a coordinated way
    give you the knowledge to understand dementia and its effects, and the skills to improve how you communicate with someone living with dementia.
  • offer advice on referrals to other services and liaise with health and social care professionals on your behalf, sharing best practice with them so you get the best care possible
  • support you at difficult times in your dementia journey, including when the condition progresses, or when tough decisions need to be made, such as moving a family member into residential care.

How does Dementia UK support Admiral Nurses?

Dementia UK supports hosts with recruitment and the running of the Admiral Nurse service. Every month, Dementia UK provides nurses with one day of expert clinical supervision and professional development. This helps them meet the needs of the families they support and stay at the forefront of dementia care.

Kelly and Ian’s story

Kelly lives with her young son Tommy (6) and her husband Ian in Medway in Kent. Ian was diagnosed with dementia at the age of 47 – the same year that their son started primary school. Kelly now cares for Ian at home.

It’s been tough coming to terms with such a shocking diagnosis, but Kelly has help from the family’s Admiral Nurse, Jody.

Jody is a specialist dementia nurse who gives them one-to-one support and expert advice about dementia. She’s always just on hand to see how things are going.