⚠️  Status update: Peggy’s home care services: Operational. | Day care: Open (as of Jan 2021). | Respite and acommodation: Closed.

2020 has been a difficult year for many.  Peggy’s continued to provide it’s services to our clients living in their own homes.  Keeping busy at Peggy’s day service closed in March, and re-opened in September 2020 slowly with many adjustments to the environments required to make us Covid safe. 

We are pleased to say that, at the time of writing this, January 2021, we are still open for day services and home care.

Unfortunately as a response to Covid we made a decision to re-open day services and close the respite/restorative care function to enable us to meet the most families needs within one building, following the government guidance on reducing the movement of people.

We can not say at this time when we may re-open and will respond as we can in the future to demand.

Financially it is challenging times for Peggy’s World and we are gratified to those who feel that a donation to Peggy’s is worthwhile, it does really make a difference to enable us to continue.

Thank you.

Director of Peggy’s World CiC.