⚠️  Status update: Peggy’s home care services: Operational. | Day care: Open (as of Jan 2021). | Respite and acommodation: Closed.

We are please to announce that from January 2022 Peggy’s World is now commissioned to provide the Dementia Advisory Service for North Lincolnshire. This is the first time Peggy’s has been a funded provider by the Local Authority and we hope to be able to meet local families needs with the advice and support we are able to provide. This is continuation of what we have always done, as a Social Enterprise not for profit company our aim is to always give back to the community as best we can. As you know, these last two years have been a challenge and we are looking forward to moving forward. More details to follow.  Our offices re-open on January 4th 2022 and we look forward to meeting some new people.